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    To Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital’s valued clients and patients, During these challenging times, Lafayette’s Companion Animal Hospital’s purpose of providingcompassionate, state-of-the-art veterinary care has never been more important. We want toassure Read more
  • Pet Dental Health Month
    February is National Pet Dental Health Month. We at Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital, believe it is important to support this critical cause. So we are offering a  20% discount on Read more
  • Gem's Heartworm Tale
                                                          Hello I’m Gem and Read more
  • Tips to keep pets safe during the Holidays
    With the arrival of our clinic cats this year, the thought of putting up holiday decorations has taken a new turn here at Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital. How do we Read more
  • Adult Wellness
    Adult Wellness             As we enter the new year and make healthy resolutions, we should include our pets in these plans. At Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital, we believe the best way Read more
  • Pet Dental Health Month
    As many of you may know or remember, February is National Pet Dental Health Month. At Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital, we feel dental health is extremely important to the overall Read more
  • Fleas
    Finally the weather is warm, summer is here and we are all outside with our pets! Unfortunately there are other pesky creatures that enjoy the warm weather too- fleas and Read more
  • Itchy Pets
    There are a few different reasons that your pet might be itchy.  Most common causes are external parasites, i.e. fleas, lice and mites, and allergies. We see all of these Read more
  • Beat The Heat
    HOT! HOT! HOT! The temperatures are rising, and with that comes an increased need to monitor your pet’s safety in their everyday activity.  Pets can easily overheat, especially those breeds with Read more
  • Why is Picking up Dog Poop So Important?
    Why is picking up dog poop so important? Picking up after your dog is the ethical and responsible thing to do as a pet owner and community member of Lafayette, Colorado.  Read more
  • Flea and Tick Medication Update
    Flea and Tick Prevention, an UpdateWhitnee Patten, DVM Have you seen the new FDA press release regarding the isoxazoline class of flea and tick medications used in cats and dogs? This Read more
  • Halloween Pet Safety
    Halloween is quickly approaching, and at Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital, we want to make sure this holiday is safe and enjoyable for your pet. Here are a few quick tips Read more
  • November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month
    What is cancer? If your pet has a tumor, it has neoplasia. Neoplasia is defined as “The formation or presence of a new, abnormal growth of tissue.” The abnormal tissue could Read more