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General animal healthcare

Companion Animal Hospitals provide the full range of services needed by your pet. Whether it is an everyday need such as a nail trim or fecal testing or a high tech need such as cold laser therapy for arthritis, staging of a cancer patient for the best treatment regimen or removing a tennis ball surgically, we are here to serve our patient at all levels.

Senior wellness care

Nothing contributes more to a long and healthy life than regular visits to the veterinarian. Pets age faster than we do, so health problems can develop rapidly, especially in older animals. For our senior patients, we perform physical exams twice a year as well as diagnostics to monitor any changes in your pet’s health. Our team will carefully monitor your pet’s weight, changes in behavior, thyroid function, urine and kidney function, and also examine your pets mouth for dental pain, redness, tartar and odor. Nutritional needs of the older patient are addressed and appropriate supplements are added. Special tests such as blood pressure, eye pressure to check for glaucoma, abdominal and thoracic radiographs and ultrasound, and assessment of new skin masses with cytology ensure that disease does not progress undetected in your senior pet.

Preventative medicine

Many common diseases that affect our pets can easily be prevented. We provide heartworm preventatives, de-worming for intestinal parasites, protozoal screening for Giardia, vaccines, as well as prescription diets to manage many common ailments. Our staff will work with you to choose the right prevention to suit you and your pet’s lifestyle.

Exotic animal medicine, surgery, and hospitalization

From pocket pets to those not-so-furry pets with scales and feathers, our staff can help guide you in providing the best care for all of your pets. Our facilities are equipped to compound medications especially for exotic pets and perform general grooming such as trimming wings, beaks, nails, and teeth. Every veterinarian at Companion has an interest in caring for exotic pets so it is easy to schedule an appointment to suit your needs. We recognize that most exotic pets do not show signs of illness early so it is very important to bring them in at the first sign of disease.

Soft-tissue & Orthopedic surgery

Our doctors are also skilled surgeons, and can readily perform the surgery required to assist in your pet’s comfort and well-being. Board certified surgeons also work with us in our hospital to fix complicated surgical problems close to home with a hospital team you know and trust. We also offer laser surgery that has many benefits including less bleeding, decreased pain, reduced risk of infection, and often a quicker recovery time.

Pain management

We know how distressing it can be to see your pet in pain. We have many options to assist you in keeping your pet comfortable. These include medications in many convenient forms, special diets, nutritional supplements, Companion Therapy Laser or cold laser therapy, and certified animal massage therapy. Our doctors will work closely with you to find the right pain management plan to help you improve your pet’s quality of life.


Dental care for dogs and cats is one of the most commonly overlooked areas of pet health care. Dental disease can not only be uncomfortable for your pet, but can also lead to more serious health problems including heart, liver, and kidney disease. This makes it even more important to provide regular dental care to your pets. We will educate you in the many options for at-home dental care and can perform annual dental cleanings, dental x-rays, and surgical tooth extractions which minimize pain and maximize healing. Our laser surgical capacity enables pets who undergo complicated oral surgeries to have less bleeding, swelling and pain.

On-site pharmacy

Our fully stocked pharmacy eliminates the need to make one more stop at the human pharmacy when your pet is sick. We have all of the antibiotics, pain medications, and supplements that your pet needs. We also have an on-line pharmacy so that you may receive your medications with convenient delivery to your home. Even some pet foods can be delivered this way! We stock animal specific products that have been tested and proven effective in animals which speeds the recovery of your pet.

On-site diagnostic equipment

When your pet is sick, it is important to us to get them feeling better as soon as possible. Because of this, our hospital has the necessary diagnostic equipment to get answers quickly. We have an on-site x-ray machine and blood chemistry analyzers, and a fully equipped laboratory to analyze urine and stool samples.

Board certified specialists

Our hospital works with Board Certified surgeons and radiologists in our hospital as well as with nearby ophthalmology, internal medicine, dermatology, oncology, neurology, and cardiology specialists. Working closely with specialists ensures your pet receives the detailed care and knowledge needed on unusual or rare disease processes. Follow-up care may be done at our hospital, where you are close to home and with the staff that you know and trust.

High-quality animal foods

Nutrition plays a key role in your pet’s health. We stock several high-quality diets such as Hill’s Prescription Diet for dogs and cats, Oxbow Hay Products for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small mammals, and Harrison’s Bird Diets for all birds from canaries to macaws. Our doctors are happy to provide nutritional counseling to find the right food to help your pet live a long and healthy life.