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Dr. Erica Lipsky

Dr. Erica Lipsky is a veterinarian in Boulder County who aspires to be the vet that she would want to bring her own animals to. 

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Dr. Erica Lipsky, Boulder County Veterinarian

Dr. Erica Lipsky

Dr. Erica Lipsky is originally from Long Island, New York where she grew up caring for a wide variety of animals. Even though her love for animals began at a young age, she was deterred from veterinary school by people telling her that it’s too hard. After receiving an associates in Fashion Marketing through LIM College in NYC, she realized she needed to pursue the career she had always dreamt of. In 2015, Dr. Lipsky received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Colorado University, Boulder. She then received her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Ross University in 2019 where she graduated with high honors, proving nothing is too hard if you go about it with passion.

Dr. Lipsky enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, but has taken a special interest in surgery, small animal reproduction, exotic pets, and integrative medicine. She aspires to be the vet that she would want to bring her own animals to.  

Speaking of animals, in her spare time, Dr. Lipsky’s life outside of veterinary medicine revolves around her pets. She loves hiking and exploring the beautiful Colorado landscape with her dogs BAM (Big Adorable Man), a Great Dane, and Potato, a previously abused (but now very much well-loved) Kittitian street dog that she rescued while in veterinary school. Dr. Lipsky wouldn’t be the crazy stereotypical vet without a few handicapped cats by her side. She has Crusty, a black rescue cat with a neurologic disorder, and Reptar, a Persian with 40 toes. Caring for her multiple fish tanks is the cherry on top.

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