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Meet Our Team

Dr. Brooke Kugler


Dr. Brooke Kugler always thought she wanted to be a vet and confirmed this after she spent a week as a teenager travelling around with her local veterinarian in rural Connecticut. After seeing sick ducks, pigs and cows in addition to dogs and cats, she was completely convinced veterinary medicine was the right path for her. 

Dr. Kugler attended Bates College in Maine where she received a BS in Biochemistry and then the Royal Veterinary College in London, England. After graduating from vet school in 2001, she returned to the US and settled in Colorado where much of her family had migrated during her time in England. Dr. Kugler’s ultimate love is for small animals (of all kinds!). She enjoys caring for animals throughout all life stages and loves getting to know both the pets and their families. 

 Dr. Kugler lives with her husband, three daughters, 3 cats: Willow (because she has a big fluffy tail that looks like a Weeping Willow tree), Boo (who loves to play peek-a-boo, so you never quite know where she is!), Leo (a.k.a. Leonardo da Kitty), a bearded dragon Didger (named after the didgeridoo instrument in Australia) and assorted fish. In her spare time she loves to be outside: skiing, hiking, camping, gardening and adventuring with her family in general. She is also busy in the Lafayette Community with school events, Chamber gatherings and other festival events. Her roots are firmly planted in Lafayette as she loves the small town feel, seeing friends around town, and the beautiful view of the mountains as she drives to work every day!

Dr. Mary Esh


Mary Esh grew up in Norman, Oklahoma.  She received her undergraduate degree from Bryn Mawr College.  She went on to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2003.  After working in small animal practice in Pennsylvania, she moved out to Colorado to be closer to family and to the mountains.  She now considers Colorado home.

Since moving to Colorado in 2007, Dr. Esh has been working as an associate veterinarian at North Boulder Companion Animal Hospital.  She is happy to continue being a part of the companion animal hospital group at the Lafayette hospital.  Dr. Esh has special interests in feline medicine and behavior.  Sometimes called a cat whisperer, she likes working with any cat to help them receive the gentle care that they need.

Dr. Esh finds veterinary medicine very rewarding.  She values the relationships that she forms between families and patients.  She understands the amazing joys and stresses that can come with pet ownership.  As a veterinarian, she hopes to provide good medical advice through open communication with clients.

Dr. Esh lives in Boulder and has two sons. She loves going for long walks with her two dogs and her cat often likes to come along for a walk around the neighborhood!  

Dr. Erica Lipsky, CVA

Erica Lipsky

Dr. Erica Lipsky is originally from Long Island, New York where she grew up caring for a wide variety of animals. Even though her love for animals began at a young age, she was deterred from veterinary school by people telling her that it’s too hard. After receiving an associates in Fashion Marketing through LIM College in NYC, she realized she needed to pursue the career she had always dreamt of. In 2015, Dr. Lipsky received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Colorado University, Boulder. She then received her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Ross University in 2019 where she graduated with high honors, proving nothing is too hard if you go about it with passion.

Dr. Lipsky enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, but has taken a special interest in surgery, small animal reproduction, exotics, and integrative medicine. In 2019, Dr. Lipsky obtained her Certification in Veterinary Acupuncture (CVA) through the Chi Institute. She aspires to be the vet that she would want to bring her own animals to.  

Speaking of animals, in her spare time, Dr. Lipsky’s life outside of veterinary medicine revolves around her pets. She loves hiking and exploring the beautiful Colorado landscape with her dogs BAM (Big Adorable Man), a Great Dane, his son Tikki Tembo, and Potato, a previously abused (but now very much well-loved) Kittitian street dog that she rescued while in veterinary school. Dr. Lipsky wouldn’t be the crazy stereotypical vet without a few handicapped cats by her side. She has Crusty, a black rescue cat with a neurologic disorder, and Reptar, a Persian with 40 toes. Caring for her multiple fish tanks is the cherry on top.

Brandi Redwine

Brandi Redwine

Brandi knew she wanted to work within the veterinary field since she was first asked in kindergarten by her teacher. She grew up nurturing her stuffed animals back to health with Band-Aids and love. As soon as she was old enough, she applied for an internship where she was chosen as one of two students across Colorado to participate in volunteer work at a local veterinary clinic. After her internship, she was offered a vet assistant position at the same clinic, where she worked throughout college.

Brandi graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Biomedical Sciences. While attending CSU, she volunteered her time at the Larimer Humane Society and was granted a volunteer opportunity within the anesthesiology department at the CSU Vet Teaching Hospital. In addition to volunteer work, she was a teacher’s assistant for the animal anatomy department and devoted many hours helping her fellow college students. After school, she was offered a veterinary technician position at LCAH and has worked there since July 2010. She loves all aspects of the position, and has a special interest in anesthesia.

On her days off, Brandi enjoys watching reality TV shows, scary movies, football and hockey. On the weekends, she can be found cheering on her boyfriend, Curtis at Colorado National Speedway who races in the Pro Truck Division. Brandi has three adorable step children, Kinsley, Carsten and Chesney who bring an enormous amount of joy to her life. Being a member of Flatirons church is important to Brandi and her family.

Between her and her parents house, they have 6 dogs and 2 cats! Star a German Shepherd mix, Zoey a Border Collie mix, Louie Vuitton a Corgi mix, Chance a Chihuahua mix, Jewels a Pekinese, Honey a ragdoll, and Milo a domestic long hair. Although Brandi loves all her animal, Zoey is her soul dog and she enjoys taking her to local dog parks and playing frisbee. Adopting her from the humane society was the best decision she had ever made. She would love to adopt a capybara (her favorite animal) someday if possible. 

Alex Sordillo

Alex Sordillo

Alex grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts with a big family who helped to foster her love of animals. As a child, she spent much of her time at her lake house in New Hampshire where she developed a deep attachment to nature and wildlife. In the forests around her house, she made connections with the frogs and snakes and chipmunks that surrounded her. As she grew older, she decided to pursue some sort of career working with animals. 

In 2013, Alex began her undergraduate degree at the University of Vermont as an environmental studies major with a focus in ecology and conservation. Some of her favorite topics were in wildlife tracking, zoology and herpetology. Outside of class, she spent her free time dog walking for clients around town. During this time, Alex had a pet rabbit named Ringo with a variety of health issues that brought her to the veterinarian multiple times per month. Seeing the compassionate care that the doctors provided for Ringo moved Alex and inspired her to work in a similar environment where she can help animals in need. 

In 2019, she moved across the country in a U-Haul to start a new life in Denver, Colorado. She soon found Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital and landed a fantastic job as a veterinary assistant. Has has since adopted her rabbit Maggie and her cat Panda. She is learning and growing every day, and dreams of one day working with endangered animals at a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Heather Neises

Heather Neises

Heather was born and raised in beautiful Colorado. At age 11, her family decided to adopt a rescue dog in very bad conditions. Even though she wasn’t the biggest dog lover yet, that quickly changed because of her dog, Jett. Jett was 4 years old when adopted and had been abused, abandoned, and lived on the streets for a while. She was in such bad shape that you could see every bone in her body. Travel through time and Jett is now 16 years old and living her best and healthiest life! The 12 years Jett has been in her family, has allowed Heather’s love for dogs to grow, especially for rescues!

Through her college life at CU Boulder, she had the opportunity to live with a large Pitbull Mastiff, Nigel, who was 5 years old at the time. Nigel taught Heather that no matter the stereotype of dog breeds, there will always be unique characters in life. Weighing over 110 pounds, Nigel is the biggest lap and cuddle dog there is. If he is not getting enough attention he’ll let you know, but is also very content with just hanging out all day. Heather loves walking Nigel because he skips down the street from being so happy! 

 Having a rescue as her first dog opened a whole new world for her. She saw first-hand how love and time can heal amazingly. Heather’s life goal is to work on a Pitbull rescue sanctuary, but in the meantime helping any animal that needs it with the amazing Vet crew at Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital. Heather started on Halloween of 2019 and has had the time of her life working with the amazing employees and animals that come through our doors.

Lauren Esler

Lauren Esler

Lauren Esler has been a long-time client at Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital. She’s been coming to the clinic since 2011 with her family and their loving canine companion Dobie. While she was getting her undergraduate degree in Zoology at CSU, she completed a summer internship at the clinic. When she graduated in 2019, she became a full-time employee at LCAH and transitioned into a position as a tech and eventually also office manager. She always has a smile on her face and loves to make her coworkers laugh.

Lauren enjoys all things athletic and in her free time likes to play basketball, soccer, and volleyball. She also enjoys the outdoors and on nice days you can find her hiking, paddle boarding, or canoeing. Lately she has been taking on classes at CU Boulder working towards her masters degree in education. She hopes to one day be a middle or high-school teacher to help inspire the next generation the way that her educators inspired her. At home she likes to cuddle with her dogs, Rocky and Cosmo (also known as Pig), and Luna and spend quality time with her friends and family.

Maggie Powell

Maggie Powell

Maggie Powell just joined the LCAH team in July of 2020. She’s currently a student at CU Boulder studying psychology and statistics but has been working with animals almost her whole life. Her family is an animal loving family who has adopted both cats and dogs countless times. They have been fostering since 2013 for dogs who have medical conditions or are older and have had many foster fails. She has two cats of her own, Ivy, a 1.5 year old medium hair, and Asher, a 7 month old domestic short hair while also fostering from 4paws4life.

Maggie loves to be active and cherishes her time spent on hikes with her roommate and friends. Her younger cat sometimes comes along on a leash but he’s still getting used to the loud cars. She just recently moved into a house near pearl street mall with a big yard and hopes to keep fostering dogs or get a dog of her own.

Kelsie Torres

Kelsi Torres

When Kelsie was a little girl, she was convinced she was meant to be a golden retriever or a horse. Her dream came true when she got to ride a horse for her 8th birthday. To this day, she still asks her parents for a horse, though she’s not as serious about it as she once was. Kelsie held onto this love for animals as she grew up, and eventually decided to pursue the path of becoming a veterinarian. 

Kelsie was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and made the big move to Colorado in 2017 to attend the University of Colorado Boulder. She is currently majoring in Evolutionary Biology in hopes of attending Colorado State University’s veterinary school. She had the pleasure of working as an animal caretaker at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary, where she made close friends with a horse named Niblet and lamb named Jaclyn. She joined the Lafayette Companion team summer of 2020, and is also shadowing a large animal vet to help take care of local farm animals. It is her dream to help endangered animals across the globe, and hopes to eventually open her own animal sanctuary here in Colorado. 

In her free time, you can find her out in nature chasing sunsets with her golden retriever named Sammy and her new Aussie mix named Fig, at a local coffee shop, or at home listening to her record player. 

Madi Willden

Madi Willden

Madi Willden joined the LCAH team in May of 2020 as a veterinary technician. She graduated from CSU this year with a major in Wildlife Biology and plans on continuing her education at either CSU or at the University of Arizona to get her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. During her undergraduate degree her favorite class was herpetology, and at work she enjoys seeing a variety of animals and widening her education about exotic species. 

Before working at LCAH Madi interned at the Rocky Mountain Raptor Center in Fort Collins. She also spent time volunteering at multiple dog rescues like Bounce and All Aboard. In her free time Madi enjoys volleyball, painting, yoga and snowboarding. She recently moved to the city with her boyfriend and they hope to adopt a cat in the near future. When she visits her family she also gets to see her two giant Bernese Mountain Dogs, Goose and Maverick.

Molly Saraspe

Molly Saraspe

Molly is originally from San Diego, CA, she grew up known as the girl with the farm on the ocean. She’s had family of all sorts, turkeys, boar, chickens, cats, quail, ducks, iguanas, rats, great danes, and much more. She now has four dachshunds, one labrador, and a new foster-fail puppy named Goose. She is currently finishing up her undergraduate degree in Philosophy of Law and a double minor in Engineering and Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, with the hope to proceed into veterinary school. She was always pushed to be in the law industry, but has followed her dreams to work with animals. 

In the meantime, she is working as a veterinary assistant here with us. She has looked up to her grandfather who is a veterinarian. In her free time, she fosters animals, studies, adventures to the mountains as much as possible, and when she's home, she spends her time on the ocean.

She was driven to Colorado due to nature, her favorite thing to do is spot new critters on long drives through the Rockies. One day she dreams to travel, own a farm with rescues, and experience/help animals around the world, specifically Australia and large felines in South Africa.

Angie Hacker


Angela (or Angie) grew up in Maryland where her house could always be described as a zoo! She comes from a family of animal lovers and kept dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, and many other animals as pets. She jokingly says that she invented the phrase, “can I keep it?” In 2009 she moved to Colorado, and the rest is history! After attending PIMA medical school and gaining a certificate as a Veterinary Assistant (graduating with honors!), she received on the job training and became a technician! Since then, that has been her passion! She misses Maryland sometimes – mainly the seafood - but fell in love with Colorado.

Angie has an interest in exotic pets, specifically invertebrates. Currently, she owns (or is owned by) a Chihuahua mix named Pip, two cats named Hedwig and Beastie, a ball python named Gaia, and TWELVE tarantulas! And yes, each tarantula has a name! Animals have helped Angie through some very rough patches in her life, and so she now strives each and every day to say “thank you” to them.

In her spare time Angie is an artist! She enjoys doing pet portraits and much of her work is done as a donation to shelters and rescues. These portraits help draw attention to the cause of a shelter or rescue, draw attention to adoptable animals, are auctioned off for fundraising, and sometimes she has the honor of drawing a memorial portrait for pets that have passed while in the care of the shelter or rescue.